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Are you:

  • A small or medium-sized company aiming for expansion?
  • An international law firm handling crucial cases?
  • Dealing with a document-heavy relocation?
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Linguosa’s strong network of translators and interpreters extends around the world. Together, we provide high quality translations exclusively into our mother tongue to guarantee the highest quality standards, and our professional liability insurance adds yet another layer of security. We know that your industry terminology is crucial, so, where possible, we assign you a dedicated translator with experience in your specialist field.

Unlike when you work with a large-scale agency, our team of translators is hand selected based on their qualifications, skill and professionalism. When we assign a specialist translator to your projects, we aim to provide total consistency and secure their availability for all your future needs.

We translate from or into

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Croatian
  • Bosnian
  • Serbian
  • Macedonian
  • Bulgarian
For other languages please contact us!

Our Process

Step 1

You send your document or talk me through your interpreting needs, whether you need someone experienced in corporate law or are looking for support during your relocation

Step 2

I send a free, tailored quote along with any other information you need, such as an estimated lead time for translations or location confirmation for interpreting assignments

Step 3

Once confirmed, I will deliver your file or interpret at your event as agreed, arriving in plenty of time with the required research and/or preparations

We work on

  • Sworn translations of official documents and certificate
  • Civil status certificate
  • Contracts
  • Commercial register reports
  • Product labelling
  • Business website content



Our experienced team supports law firms, notaries, international groups and more, enabling complex legal communications across Europe.


We provide healthcare interpreting and translation of medical documentation. Book your professional interpreter for the medical treatment you have planned.


Translation quotes include preparatory research, a specialist translator and proofreading before delivery.

Our carefully crafted, fully insured translations based on specialist industry knowledge help law firms and international companies to prevent costly mistakes, misleading information and damaged reputations. Work with the professionals and save time, money and effort while maintaining the highest standards.

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